Photobook Collecting in the Age of the Thousand-Dollar Zine


John Divola’s Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert (Nazraeli Press, 2004)

Experienced collector Tom Claxton talks through the boom, and explains how to put together a collection while keeping your feet on the ground.

Check also his site.


Mark Rudewel: studio visit

A clutter-filled studio is a route to creativity, says photographer Mark Ruwedel.
From his home in Long Beach, California, Mark Ruwedel, shows us around his studio and talks about why it can take him years to complete a photographic series, after an evolving process of sifting and selection.

One such series involved a 14-year study of old abandoned railroads in the American and Canadian West. He describes documenting these incredible feats of engineering, and a history of human endeavour long lost and almost forgotten.

Check the video at his studio.

Check also this video where there art its talks about the traces of illegal immigration he found and photographed on theUS – Mexico border, and his continued search for the ‘human’ in landscape.

Bruce Wrighton

Another great color photographer.

«Bruce Wrighton’s work spanned a relatively small area, the downtown of Binghamton, New York, and a few nearby cities, and he had only a relatively short time to do it in, for he died in 1988 at the age of 38.


Yet he produced a portrait of a place and time – and a class – in America that brings a segment of history more alive than any textbook and is better to look at than most of them. The place comes through clearly enough in photographs of streets and diners, hotels and storage rooms, but it is in the portraits of people that it is most crucially discovered. You can find Wrighton’s subjects today in many small cities, quite likely in more of them in 2010 than in the 1970s because numerous cities have lost their major employers and the burden of economic problems weighs even heavier.

So he has recorded a minor history with major ramifications, a history that is twice alive, once in its current echoes across the nation and once in lasting images. Photography, life, and history keep company everywhere.»

Check this rare interview.