Lewiz Baltz : “Photography is a Political Technology of the Gaze”


Lewis Baltz,  “Tract House no 22”, 1971.

“Architecture, real architecture, always defies reduction into two-dimensional representation; if not it’s hardly architecture at all – more like a built piece of graphic design. It would very easy to represent the work of, say Michael Graves because his work already exists in the conditions of an image. It is impossible to represent, with any accuracy, the work of architects like Gehry or Nouvel.
As a quick once-over of any architectural magazine will verify, architectural photography is a closed system that refers primarily to its own canons of representation and only tangentially to the architecture in question. I’ve avoided this dilemma in my own work by only using sub-architecture as a subject.”

Lewiz Baltz, in an interview conducted by Jean-Pierre Greff and Elisabeth Milon.
Full interview here:


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