Thomas Ruff : Interview by Michael Famighetti

Thomas Ruff, “phg.08”, 2012.
Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner Gallery, New York and London.

“I see photography as a very classical medium, with of course all kind of genres – portrait, abstract, science photography, and so on. What I am also interested in right now is the negative, since it seems that it is going to disappear soon. When I ask my nine-year-old daughter, ‘What’s a negative?’ she can’t say, as she knows only digital photography.
‘Polaroid? What’s that?’ she asked me some time ago. What interests me is the outcome of all these different kinds of photography and how they change our lives and our perception of the world. I just turned some photographs that I own into negatives, and they look strange. My interest in this process comes from working on the photograms – I make reverse photograms. And you still have these strange, old-fashioned darkroom techniques, like solarization, which I now also practice in the photograms series.”
Thomas Ruff, interviewed by Michael Famighetti

Full interview here:


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